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Brinker Should Step Down from Susan G. Komen

Nancy Brinker may have started the Susan G. Komen foundation for all the right reasons. And may have grown it quite well. But it’s time for her to go. And she should take Karen Handel with her. (Handel supposedly is largely responsible for pushing the move out of Planned Parenthood.) It may have taken 30 years to build this organization, (having started in 1982), and only a week to all but thoroughly tarnish it. And perhaps be the beginning of its complete undoing. Had they had a better story, they might have gotten away with this. They could have gotten in front of the problem saying something like, “We’ve shifted funding from several organizations we found to not be efficiently or effectively using funds,” or something similar. But no. They came up with an obscure rule that allowed them to single out a particular organization for political reasons.

This isn’t a PR crisis per se. It’s a real fundamental problem with their organization, which hasn’t changed. They may have caved and will support the grants to Planned Parenthood now, (or not; this is still unclear), but they’ve revealed their innards for what they are. While perhaps a critically important large charity that does amazing things, there are other places to donate to support the same cause. Whenever we donate $$$ in my family, we look immediately to Guidestar.com to check out the organization’s 1099 and CharityNavigator.org to see percent that’s used for actual programs, etc. Brinker alone supposedly makes about $500K. Though it’s hard to verify the sources that claim this as her salary isn’t currently listed. [Update: Brinker makes $411,254 base salary, and then with additional compensation is $417,712 according their 2010 990 tax filing as listed on their own site. Brinker makes almost twice the amount of the next highest paid person.] Though the former CEO was at about $465K and their top execs also are in the $200K ranges, etc. They pay $18MM in consulting services alone. Their admin expense is 11.8%. Their volunteers obviously make nothing. Now in fairness, plenty of other organizations operate similarly. But, as with all things there’s levels of disgust. For certain, it’s wholly appropriate to have skilled high level executives operating high dollar and high volume organizations. And I don’t personally see any problem with them getting the kind of solid six figure salaries they might command in private Enterprise. But the question you have to ask is, “Would these same people truly be able to command similar salaries in the private sector.” Or, “Just how effective have their programs been?” And lastly, perhaps most importantly, “How effective might they be going forward?” After all, now that we’ve come to learn they’re also against stem cell research, what if it comes to pass that stem cell research is the best, most effective and fastest way to get to a cure?

Alternative organizations¬† will likely benefit from this. Die hard supporters and extreme right wing folks may continue to support Komen. Everyone else? They’ll find alternatives. It will be interesting to see the impact on participation in their next running races over the year.


Solution to Current U.S. Congressional Issues

Replace them All

Replace Congress

I was thinking since we need to be somewhat concerned with experience and continuity in some places, maybe leave those who are on a couple of key committees in a dangerous world. Like Armed Services Committees. But then I looked to see just how many are on these Committees. Wow. Really that many?

House Armed Services Committee

Senate Armed Services Committee

At least the Senate site lists what the subcommittees are so you can see what these folks supposedly do.


Personal Data Management Strategy

This has maybe gotten out of hand. Sure, I work in the online industry, but multiple computers, handheld devices, etc. Do I really need all this stuff? Maybe not. Maybe I could trim down a bit. But as much trouble as all the updates and management, etc. is, I think overall I get more value than it costs me. And the good news? It’s getting easier, not harder. Today’s more consumer focused Software as a Service (SaaS) options mean I don’t have to do as much really effort filled tasks as I used to for the same goals. Everyone has their own needs, but I thought I’d share some of my current strategies for managing my personal data items.

If you’re facing similar issues, personally or family wide, maybe some of these strategies are useful to you.

[Read the rest of this entry...]


Snowpidity – The December 2010 Snowpocolypse

What I have to remember is how lucky I am. I have the privilege of having most of my friends and family and colleagues being pretty much sane. Yes, we give each other a lot of crap. And there’s the usual joking around about this one or that one is crazy. But… basically sane. Unfortunately though, beyond this group of people is some of the rawest stupidity and selfishness and foolishness that can be had anywhere on the planet. It may be true that 90% of my fellow metro NY area cohabitants are also perfectly great to know people. But that still leaves around TWO MILLION morons. Sadly, most anyone reading this will probably nod their head in agreement, with 10% of them not understanding they’re in the moron group. [Read the rest of this entry...]


Microsoft Kinect Admin May be Murder Witness

Just for the record… in case anyone who does happen to read this is so foolish as to think it real, this is a bad joke. It’s just some thoughts about a potentially dystopian future when very cool, useful and valuable technology is abused in interesting ways. I’m usually not this dark or even all that creative in writing things. I’m actually a fan of Microsoft and both like and recommend the Kinect product. It’s awesome. Still, what started out as some bad jokes in chats with others turned into this little story…


Redmond, WA – April 1st, 2012 — Mr. Noah P. Bode, 39, is under arrest for murder tonight in the seaside island town of Nantucket, MA, while across the country, his accuser is questioned by police here in Seattle. Washington State Police say that a Microsoft Operations Administrator, Bobby Leet Gatson, 23, responsible for managing aspects of the Kinect videogame, claims he witnessed a murder in the partially finished basement of Mr. Bode.

Apparently, Mr. Bode attacked his wife of 12 years when he attacked her with a knife as she was in a compromising Yoga pose in front of the couple’s Xbox 360 Kinect game unit. Mr. Bode has claimed that he merely tackled her as part of the game play and she accidentally landed on an exposed piece of metal in their as yet unfinished basement. Police say this story is highly suspect as it was Mr. Gatson in Seattle who had called police to inform them of the seeming attempted murder. Mr. Gatson apparently took some time to call police as he felt he was in a compromising position himself as he shouldn’t have been observing the Bode’s via their Kinect’s sensor camera. [Read the rest of this entry...]

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