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Authentication Rot

Yes, there’s a new form of Rot on the Internet. There’s ye’ ole’ Link Rot for when links die on the ‘net, there’s Application Rot, (which I wrote about a few years ago), and now there’s Authentication Rot. (Though this isn’t really a great name. I’m amenable to suggestions.) Actually, Authentication Rot doesn’t exist too [...]

Twitter, etc. to Help Cause Link Rot?

I think it’s quite possible Twitter and similar micro-blogging services may be responsible for a great deal of future Linkrot. This is in no small part due to Approt. (I wrote about Approt way back in April 2006. Approt is basically when a Mashup or some web application disappears causing a cascade effect on dependent [...]

Ebay vs. Freecycling… Or Not?

So why would a business where you can make money selling your own stuff have anything to worry about from a non-business, grassroots organization that helps you give your stuff away for nothing? Good Question. One answer may be, “It might not. In fact it may be happier with such recycling going on because it’s [...]

Twing: Historical Screen Shots

In November, 2008, the Twing.com Forum/Community Search & Discover Engine disappeared from the world. After the abject failure of ill-fated parent company, Accoona.com, this interesting and potentially useful product went off into the netherworld of Lost Websites. Even the venerable Internet Archive for Twing doesn’t have a good copy due to the library feature’s apparently [...]

Is Spock is a Bit Disturbing?

Yes. We can Google each other. Yes. As a manager, I’ve Googled others prior to interviews and such and. Yes. I’ve Googled others I’ve been curious about for whatever reason. Spock.com, however, may be nonetheless disturbing. I haven’t really decided how I think/feel about this product as yet. As a people search engine, they seek [...]

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