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Facebook Marketing Checklist

This Facebook Marketing Checklist has a simple goal: Give you a list of line items with fairly short  annotations of the various ways you can use Facebook for your marketing needs. It will  not take up five pages to tell you to make a Facebook Page. There’ll be some links for you to learn more [...]

Twitter Capacity Overload from Shopping?

So the Fail Whale is back today. Based on what I’ve seen in my own TweetDeck traffic, admittedly with a lot of commercially oriented folks I’m following, I wonder if a lot of the commercial traffic is to blame.  

More Personal Info Oddly Mined and No Longer Mine

Depending on whether you’re a marketer or a consumer concerned about privacy, you’ll likely take away a couple of very different messages from this story. For the marketer, you’ll see some clever ways that a business uses to try to court customers and use Search Engine Optimization and affiliate opportunities. For a consumer privacy advocate, [...]

When is Behavorial Ad Targeting Better than Contextual?

When to Think Behavioral Ad Targeting Assuming for a moment that a company that provides behaviorial targeting for web-based ads can actually do so – a separate discussion altogether – when might it be wise or necessary to consider this method? There’s at least two answers to this. First, the obvious. It makes sense when [...]

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