So you’re Microsoft. Windows 7 was fortunately usable as compared to some of the seriously flawed operating systems you put out just prior. But somehow the world has still changed. Macintosh is truly on a tear; likely due to users becoming more familiar with Apple in general via iPods, iPhones, iPads, etc. And sure, their OS in general is pretty damn good.

Now you come out with Windows 8. Maybe people are interested in taking a look, and you’re going to require Silverlight to see a demo? Silverlight? Which is on maybe 50% of browsers? THIS is what many will face when they go to look?

Microsoft Requiring Silverlight to view Windows 8 demo

They’re already taking some risk with such a radical re-thinking of their OS. Have the Product Marketing folks simply said, “Well, maybe most Mac users won’t typically have Silverlight installed, but… we’re not going to convert Mac users anyway, so let’s not worry about if they come here.” I’d love to get my hands on their analytics for this site and find out how many show up without the Silverlight Plugin installed. And how many actually bother to get it to come back.

Really poor choice.