This Facebook Marketing Checklist has a simple goal: Give you a list of line items with fairly short  annotations of the various ways you can use Facebook for your marketing needs. It will  not take up five pages to tell you to make a Facebook Page. There’ll be some links for you to learn more about various items, but it’s meant to just let you go through the basics. Implementing every item here may not make sense for you. Use your judgment and remember, there’s nothing worse than an empty, lifeless presence in a social media environment. It’s been said “social media is a commitment, not a campaign.” If you’re not going to tend to whatever tactic you implement below, strongly re-consider it’s use.

Happy Marketing!

Facebook Marketing Checklist


Educate those managing your Facebook presence.
If you’re a large business, it’s possible you outsource your social media activities to an agency. While some make strong arguments that this can’t offer a fully authentic voice for your business, if you’ve chosen to do this, you’ll still have someone internally managing the relationship. Make sure they understand and have a feel for the Facebook environment.
Create Policies & Procedures
This is mostly for larger businesses that may work in a complex legal environment or controversial content.

Setting Up Facebook Presence

Create a Profile
You need a profile before doing anything else. Technically, terms of service say this must be a real person. So you must use a real name and email, (even if it’s an email dedicated just for creating this account).
Create a Facebook Page
An oddity here is that a Page can only created by and owned by a profile. This is strange in that this means a particular person needs to own a page, as opposed to a business that has someone’s role assigned to maintain a page. This goes a little deeper than just handing off a password as if someone were to leave a company, your businesses page may still be ‘owned’ by them. Ownership may be transferred by making someone else an Admin of a page, and that person can then remove the other admin. But in any case, anyone who sets up your company’s web page must be a highly trusted individual.
Create a Facebook Place
If your business has a physical presence, you should claim or create your Facebook Place. Search for your business name and if it is there, use the “Is this your business” or similar link. If you can’t find this, click on the add button. You’ll be given instructions for how to verify. Once done, you can also add Deals to your place. These will show up when people access your FB place via browswer, or better yet, mobile device when they happen to be nearby!
Use Facebook Ads
Facebook has it’s own advertising system. Test it out. Like any advertising provider, evaluate results based on whatever Key Performance Indicators you’d typically use.
Consider Facebook Groups, but not too deeply
Unless you desperately feel you want to keep a constant bulletin board type presence on FB, this isn’t for you. Besides, there’s limits to volume here and if you have any size / growth at all, Groups won’t grow with you.
From Mashable: Facebook Pages vs. Groups: What’s the Difference
Create and Use Facebook Badges
Badges can be used on your blog or other pages to show you’ve got a presence on FB and provide a link for those interested in interacting with you there.

Participating in Facebook Community

Add Your Own Contact List
Import your Contacts or otherwise make some friends!
Comment on Newsfeed Posts from others
Show interest in others. Remember, people have pretty good detectors for lameness. Don’t just phone it in. You should be interacting with people with whom you or your company has some common interests in any case.
Provide Content and Commentary of Value in your Newsfeed

Social Bookmark Tools

Share your Main Site with Facebook and Others
Consider simple tools like or which let you easily share your site or blog with others in Facebook, Twitter, via Email and other social networking sites. If you need the look of these button links customized, this is possible with a bit of effort.

Facebook Connect

Use Facebook Connect if you want users to be able to login to your site with their Facebook Credentials.
Facebook Connect is another tool best left in the hands of professional developers. Before using, please heed the warnings in an earlier post on AppRot.

Advanced Topics

Start slow with basic Facebook Social Plugins
“Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web.” Etc. Most of these plug ins are relatively easy to implement and do not require significant programming skills. But as with all things, the effort will depend on what you’re doing.
Full on Facebook Developer Tools
If you’re reading this, chances are this link won’t help you. That is, developers who can deal with Facebook Developer Tools probably already know about Developer Tools. Unless terms like APIs and OAuth are things you already know about, at this point you likely need some consulting or FB Code familiar agency help. Companies like Buddy Media specialize in Facebook.