Through this Sunday, my company – OpenSky – will be donating 100% of profits to Haiti relief. CEO John Caplan offered this simple blog post explaining what we’re doing.

Our company has a very simple concept. We enable people with passion and influence to offer products they know and love. But our many Shopkeepers are not just selling. They’re a community of Shopkeepers building relationships with the community of folks who also share their passions and with each other. Putting community first, product second, may seem odd. But that’s just the way we’re doing things. And our Shopkeepers have expressed a sentiment we share; “we need to do something to help.” Not many can just fly over and start offering medical care. So yes, it comes down to money. In this case, cash to acquire and move relief resources from wherever in the world that might be to where they are right now needed most.

So take a look at OpenSky. If you’ve ever needed any of the items we happen to sell, now is a good time to get them. Not so much for us as a business, as we’ll make zero dollars profit. But very much for us all as people. Because we get to participate in making some difference; however slight.