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Entries for 2010

Snowpidity – The December 2010 Snowpocolypse

What I have to remember is how lucky I am. I have the privilege of having most of my friends and family and colleagues being pretty much sane. Yes, we give each other a lot of crap. And there’s the usual joking around about this one or that one is crazy. But… basically sane. Unfortunately [...]

Microsoft Kinect Admin May be Murder Witness

Just for the record… in case anyone who does happen to read this is so foolish as to think it real, this is a bad joke. It’s just some thoughts about a potentially dystopian future when very cool, useful and valuable technology is abused in interesting ways. I’m usually not this dark or even all [...]

iPad isn’t Magic, but Microsoft Kinect Is

Master Showman Steven P. Jobs, who is now no longer just hero to the tragically hip, but App Lovers of all sorts, stockholders, and more, claims many things i to be Magic. I’m no longer so sure about that. The all around User Experience (UX) of my relatively new iThings is great. My first move [...]

Facebook Marketing Checklist

This Facebook Marketing Checklist has a simple goal: Give you a list of line items with fairly short  annotations of the various ways you can use Facebook for your marketing needs. It will  not take up five pages to tell you to make a Facebook Page. There’ll be some links for you to learn more [...]

My iPad FedEx from China

Zao shang hao  (Good Morning; at least it is for me right now.) While I may work in tech and have been on the cutting edge of some new stuff, sometimes I’m just amused / amazed by it all. Even after reading the last issue of Inbound Logistics Magazine and how institutionalized all this has [...]

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