In spite of the title, I’m not writing about flying today.  (Though there is an airborne intro video on my YouTube Page.) While my Blog may typically have my random musings, this post is really meant for friends & family so I’ll have a place to link to from Facebook, etc.

As most of you know, I’m a big fan of and enjoy working with Internet Start Up Companies. Sometimes this means at the beginning I don’t talk a lot about what I’m up to. So, I’m happy to say is to the point where I can tell you more about it! (And just for knowing ME, I can get you some discounts. (And you thought knowing me would never be worth anything. Shame on you.))

So Just What Are We Doing?

We’re doing no less than change how people shop online.  (I know, I promised Coupons / Deals. They’re on the bottom if you want to skip, but please read first!)

In short, it’s a simple idea. We take passionate influencers and allow them to sell products they love.

We’ve sought out people – who are now increasingly finding us – who are experts in a particular field either as extreme hobbyists or credentialed experts. We help turn them into Shopkeepers, who offer special curated assortments of goods and a mission to build a Modern Main Street. A Main Street where it means something when you buy from Joe the Hardware Guy because he helped you out. Where it means something that you buy chocolate from Sue’s shop because you know she cares about her products and wouldn’t recommend the wrong thing. There’s plenty of Big Box retail out there; online and off. We’re about bringing the personal Shopkeeper online and helping them be successful by making it easy for them to serve their customers.

Some Quick Facts About Us

  • Founded in May 2009. (Practically brand new as of this writing.)
  • In that short time, we’ve already built a world class team with over 100 Shopkeepers. We’ll be growing this number fast across a wide variety of product categories.
  • We’ll be launching a major design change in the next couple of months that will really show what our Shopkeeper Community is about.
  • We believe a network of individuals can launch a revolution in retail and Shopkeepers who are real people isn’t just nostalgic, it’s the future.

How Can You Learn More, Help Me, and Get Coupons

Become a member of our Friends and Family community; share your feedback, suggestions and ideas with us.  Be vocal.  Share OpenSky with your friends and neighbors, introduce us to outstanding Shopkeepers, and the vendors of your favorite unique goods and those seeking powerful distribution.

Just go here and sign-up. I’ll make sure you receive an amazing discount on any purchase you make. (We’ve been having some crazy, almost too-good-to-be-true, (but they’re real), promotions for starting out. (And yes, I’m wholly aware I’m not in the current version of the company picture. A couple of us didn’t make it back to office in time for shot.)

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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