In November, 2008, the Forum/Community Search & Discover Engine disappeared from the world. After the abject failure of ill-fated parent company,, this interesting and potentially useful product went off into the netherworld of Lost Websites. Even the venerable Internet Archive for Twing doesn’t have a good copy due to the library feature’s apparently not having kept up with all things Web 2.0 quite yet.

At some point, I’ll perhaps write up some of the learnings from the failure of the product and the company, beyond the few comments on the TechCrunch blog entry for the demise of Twing. But for now, I’m just using this blog entry to quickly point to some screenshots for use by former colleagues should they need to point to some evidence of their past efforts. I was in the process of getting a better full simulation of the product via an offline browser product, but the site disappeared before complete.

In any case, here’s a quick set of links to some screeshots I’ve put up on my personal server.

Twing Screen Shot: Home Page



Search Results: SCUBA

Search Results: SCUBA with Sports Filter


Buzz Chart Example 1a: Dogs & Cats

BuzzcChart Example 1b: PDF Output of Dogs & Cats

BuzzChart Example 2: 2008 Presidential Election

Directory: Top Level

Directory: Individual Forum Details




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