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Is Spock is a Bit Disturbing?

Yes. We can Google each other. Yes. As a manager, I’ve Googled others prior to interviews and such and. Yes. I’ve Googled others I’ve been curious about for whatever reason. Spock.com, however, may be nonetheless disturbing. I haven’t really decided how I think/feel about this product as yet. As a people search engine, they seek [...]

Anonymous Speech & The Future of Internet Trolls

Yesterday, a friend was complaining about Internet Trolls, those annoying occasional inhabitants of message boards, blog comments and so forth, that exist merely to incite and inflame rather than participate or inform. The Irony Oddly enough, it’s quite possible trolls may help hasten the demise of some venues for anonymous speech and become not only [...]

Watch Your ‘Bot

I’m in big trouble. Actually, I’m in big trouble twice. One of my ‘bots, or automated personal agents if you like, hit an auction site and instead of just getting the lowest price on an item I want, it bid on all available items of that type. I now owe $24,572.38 to various vendors. If [...]

Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Home Depot

Update: Years later. It’s 2015. I’ve been shopping at Home Depot. A lot. It’s gotten much better over the past several years. So have to give credit where it’s due. There’s still issues with the store experience, but they seem to be doing a lot more right then from when I first wrote the post [...]

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