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Pioneer car stereo CD Player Head Units and the iPod Adapter

Solutions to Navigation difficulties and poor interface Introduction First of all: If you JUST bought a Pioneer head unit that has the navigation problems about to be described, consider returning it immediately and getting something else. Either a newer Pioneer product or something from another brand. This writing isn’t meant to bash on Pioneer, though [...]

Blogs: Fad or Trend?

Just what ARE Blogs. Really. And how might blogs matter to businesses? Is it just blasphemous to even suggest, (as I edit this post in mid-2006), that Blogs are anything other than the best, coolest thing you could possibly be doing regardless of why you might be doing it? Is it being contrarian to suggest [...]

When is Behavorial Ad Targeting Better than Contextual?

When to Think Behavioral Ad Targeting Assuming for a moment that a company that provides behaviorial targeting for web-based ads can actually do so – a separate discussion altogether – when might it be wise or necessary to consider this method? There’s at least two answers to this. First, the obvious. It makes sense when [...]

Painless Car Service AT the Dealer?

MySpace Advertising: All that is Old is New Again

Bambi Francisco, who’s one of the better, (yes, just my opinion), net watchers/bloggers/writers out there did an article on MySpace and talked breifly about their opportunity to target ads by category. However, the thing is, like so much else I’m personally seeing these days, a lot of these concepts are not very new. It’s just [...]

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